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We are professionals taxi drivers that provide taxi tours around Malaysia. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we can bring your the culture of Malaysian by our tour. You just can ask anything if you want to know more about our tour by clicking the order button below.

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Malacca City (also spelt Melaka) is the capital of the coastal state of Malacca, in southwestern Malaysia. At its centre, Jonker Street, Chinatown’s main thoroughfare, is known for antique shops and its night market.

Nearby, the 17th-century Chinese Cheng Hoon Teng temple has ornate decorations and multiple prayer halls. A green, 3-tiered roof tops the 18th-century Javanese-influenced Kampung Kling Mosque.

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Cameron Highland

The Cameron Highlands is a district in Pahang, Malaysia, occupying an area of 712.18 square kilometres. To the north, its boundary touches that of Kelantan; to the west, it shares part of its border with Perak.

The region is very popular among local tourists visiting on weekends. To enjoy less crowded trails and streets it is advised to visit during the week

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Genting Highland

The Main Range – also known poetically as Banjaran Titiwangsa in Malay – is a ridge of granite mountains that forms Peninsula Malaysia’s north-south backbone. Many of the range’s peaks reach above 6,000 feet and this is where the cool hill stations of Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, and Genting Highlands lie.

Genting is acknowledged as Malaysia’s premier hillside station; this Kuala Lumpur mountain peak getaway is Malaysia’s Asian-style Las Vegas.

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Firefly Kuala Selangor

Our tour will take you around the biggest firefly colony in Malaysia.

You will be visiting the small town of Kuala Selangor which is the site of the firefly sanctuary. It’s not a typical visit but its really worthy.

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Elephant Sanctuary

You’ll never forget the day you helped give an elephant a bath (additional request with the help of a guide). Currently elephant riding has been temporary stopped until further notice. Get up close and personal with the amazing semi-wild elephants at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Be sure to book in advance because the center has strict daily visitor quotas

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